About Us

A Value

In our organization, we believe that everyone can prosper by implementing core values in our work and collaboration with all stakeholders. We grow our business through:

  1. Believe in God
  2. Beneficial for Society
  3. Creative Continuous


We aim to be the most trusted and sustainable agricultural product trading partner in Indonesia. We work with farmers and connect them to local and global markets to get the best benefits for farmers.


Zulko believes that every family deserves the opportunity to improve their prosperity through a business activity in which these families participate in building the business by increasing their expertise in the field of entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and participation in business ownership. Zulko works with as many Indonesian families as possible to build a business that fosters Sociopreneurship, allowing many people to enjoy the advantages of the business.


  • S1 IPB University Bogor, 1991.AIEP (Mini MBA)
  • INSEAD Singapore, 2005


Work as professional since 1991, with more than 30 years
experience in agriculture and trading companies i.e. Astra
Agro Lestari as Mill Engineer and grow his career with
several reputable company such as ANJ Agri, REA Kaltim
Plantations, CDC London and latest as Director in Cargill.

Larasati Isti Prabaningrum


  • S1 President University Jababeka Cikarang, 2020
  • Major : Business Administration


A Young and dynamic executive with track record and
experience in Commercial and Trading activities with
PT. Tredo Media and PT. Soyaka since 2019. Currently
managing PT. Agro Delama Sumber Rezeki as Director
of the company and manage day to day trading and
operational activities.